There’s Only One Place in the Country That You Can Buy the Vinyl Reissue of Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs…

07/11/2011 1:11 PM |


Seeing as indie-rock messiahs Animal Collective will be playing a Celebrate Brooklyn show at Prospect Park tomorrow, we figured it was only appropriate to mention that Fat Cat has re-released their 2004 breakthrough album Sung Tongs on vinyl. As if to validate your move to NYC from the Midwest, the only place you can buy it, in all the U.S. of A., is at Panda Bear’s former place of employment and revered downtown record store Other Music… or at least until August, at which point the LP will be made available elsewhere, which won’t be as fun.

Now, to gear up for tomorrow’s show, let’s watch a video for “Who Could Win a Rabbit,” a song which Avey Tare once commented on via the Collected Animals message board, saying, “The first time we played back ‘Who Could Win a Rabbit’ after we recorded the initial tracks we just cracked up and said ‘Holy shit, we made that????” You did, Avey, and now I’m going to have nightmares about the video tonight.

Also, side note! If you don’t have tickets for tomorrow (sold out, obvs), may I suggest doing what I did last year and getting a burger from the Five Guys on Seventh Avenue and eating it right outside the fences of the bandshell at Prospect Park? You can’t see anything but can hear the music perfectly.

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