Walmart Hosts Free Breakfast in Continued Courtship of Brooklyn

07/27/2011 9:48 AM |

You can have good union jobs or you can have pancakes

  • You can have good union jobs or you can have pancakes

In its latest push to win over Brooklynites, Walmart is buying a morning meal for community leaders in East New York this week in what the Daily News calls a “breakfast offensive”. The company has invited a few dozen people to the Lindenwood Diner, all of whom are supporters or undecideds. Not invited are dedicated opponents like Councilmember Charles Barron, who has called the company a “roving plantation,” both recently and at the city council hearing in February.

Walmart declined to attend that hearing, as well as some community board meetings, instead focusing its efforts on hosting behind-the-scenes affairs (like this breakfast) and sending out misleading direct mailings. The company has also made donations, to the city’s Summer Youth Employment Program and to the Martin Luther King, Jr. concert series, which seems to have won over at least one local politician. Walmart sure is good at winning the battles it can—and ignoring the ones it can’t.