Watch Twin Sister Perform a New Song, “Spain,” at Last Night’s Summerscreen

07/28/2011 2:50 PM |

Last night was pretty much the platonic ideal of Summerscreen: The weather was perfect, with a cool breeze blowing consistently throughout the evening’s events; there was what seemed like an inordinate amount of dogs, and my 15-month-old daughter was intent on hanging out with every single one of them; the beer and food were, as always, totally delicious; the movie, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, had a very large crowd in unusually high spirits, and then there was the music: Your Youth got things started with their summery, hook-laden pop, followed by Twin Sister, who are gearing up for a busy few months, with their Domino Records debut, In Heaven, hitting shelves on September 27th. We were treated to a handful of new songs, including the immensely enjoyable, seven-minute “Spain,” which our own Sydney Brownstone was kind enough to film for us. And in addition to all that, there was the actual big-screen debut of the video for Twin Sister’s “Bad Street,” which everyone’s saying debuted on the internet this morning. Watch it (again) below.

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