Zooey Deschanel Responds to L.A. Times Writer Who Accused Her of Dissing L.A.

07/12/2011 10:41 AM |

I Heart L.A. (and Death Cab for Cutie)

  • I Heart L.A. (and Death Cab for Cutie)

You know how people get all up in arms when someone suggests that there’s something wrong with Williamsburg? Well, this story is sort of like that, but with a famous person. In a piece that ran on The Los Angeles Times‘ “Opinion L.A.” blog Sunday, journalist Patt Morrison scolded native Angelino Zooey Deschanel for allegedly musing aloud at a black-tie BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) affair for Prince William and Kate that downtown L.A. was not suited for the royal couple.

Morrison’s attack, based on a snippet of a conversation Deschanel supposedly had with a former Times colleague to whom she commented, “I just don’t want them to see the worst of L.A,” comes on pretty thick, referring to her as a “snobby cow” in the first line alone. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Morrison just plain didn’t like Elf or the last She & Him record. She later challenges: “What, Ms. Deschanel, you don’t have any homeless people there near your Westside home? Or does that not count, because they’re on the beach, not the sidewalks? … I cannot apologize enough to Ms. Deschanel that in some places, the sidewalks do not smell like Jo Malone candles” before rambling on about how Prince William has done charity work in places generally considered far worse off than downtown La-La Land, leaving the rest of us to wonder who Jo Malone is and how come her candles smell so good.

So, then. Deschanel had a thing or two to say in response, posting an open letter yesterday on her website, the not-at-all-silly-named, HelloGiggles.com. She attests that a partial quote from USA Today was pulled out of context and used as the basis for an arguement that simply doesn’t exist. In fact, she doesn’t even have a home on the Westside, blam!

Let me be clear: The quote from USA Today that you used as the foundation of your piece was taken completely out of context. I NEVER said that Downtown LA was ‘the worst of L.A.’ I did make a reference to a parking lot adjacent to the theater that had a lot of trash in it in an attempt to be humorous. I simply said, ‘It’s funny they brought royalty here, there is a parking lot with trash around the corner.’ It wasn’t an opinion. It was true. There was indeed a parking lot with trash around the corner. I thought that the juxtaposition of British Royalty and trash was amusing in a high-brow + low brow sort of way, but I never said that I, personally, didn’t like downtown, the Royals, or even trash. … For one thing, you state, ‘Go back to your house on the Westside.’ Well, I can’t do that because I do not live on the Westside.

As you can imagine, the comment sections on both posts are having a heyday, mostly siding with Deschanel — enough to prompt Morrison to write another post on “Opinion L.A.” last night. Here, she attempts to apologize without actually ever saying “sorry” and defends her statement that Deschanel does, in fact, live on the Westside, at least as of last fall.

I also wrote that Deschanel lives on the Westside — not so, say her people. But it’s not like it wasn’t checked: Voter registration records show that as of last November’s election, she was registered to vote at an address in Pacific Palisades.

In conclusion, journalists sometimes exaggerate and should be more careful about that, even when writing opinion pieces, and Zooey Deschanel doesn’t hate trash and should probably just move to Brooklyn. The end.