$100k KAWS Painting Stolen from Complex Magazine; Surfaces on Craigslist?

08/18/2011 12:09 PM |

KAWS, Untitled (Calvin Klein) (1999)

  • KAWS, “Untitled (Calvin Klein)” (1999)

Earlier this month a mustachioed thief snuck into the 23rd Street offices of Complex magazine, signing in as “Nat Heller” and entering a security code to reach a hallway where an early KAWS painting valued at $100,000 on a 1999 Calvin Klein ad (pictured) was hanging, removed it from its frame, rolled it in his poster tube and disappeared—but not before being spotted by an elevator security camera. Now the prized piece by the Brooklyn-based artist seems to be for sale on Craigslist.

The theft occurred at the end of the day on August 4 at Complex‘s offices at 40 West 23rd Street, though it wasn’t reported in the Post until last week. Mark Ecko, the magazine’s founder, took to his Tumblr with images of the work and photos of the thief, mocking him for his obviously fake mustache and calling him a “reject from a Beastie Boys video.”

Have you seen this man?

  • Have you seen this man?

The Craigslist ad, likely a fake, has raised the piece’s price to $150,000. “FOR SALE. URGENT,” the ad begins. “WILL ACCEPT CASH OR MONEY ORDER. INQUIRE WITHIN.” As Mark Ecko’s assistant Katie Hill told the Voice, “It’s probably worth more now.”

(Animal; Photo: Mark Ecko)