29-Year-Old Cyclist Killed on Bushwick Avenue Last Night

08/31/2011 2:39 PM |

Looking north from the intersection of Bushwick Avenue and Powers Street.

  • Looking north from the intersection of Bushwick Avenue and Powers Street.

Last night around 7pm 29-year-old Bushwick resident and dancer Erica Abbott was cycling southbound on Bushwick Avenue near Powers Street, mere blocks from her home, when she fell off her bicycle and was run over and killed by a woman driving a Mercedes-Benz. This marks the fourth cyclist fatality in August, and the second 29-year-old rider killed in Bushwick this month.

Witnesses told the Daily News that Abbott was passing a construction site when a car horn caused her to turn her head and lose control of her bicycle near a pile of wood on the street. She fell towards traffic and, despite wearing a helmet, eventually succumbed to injuries sustained when she was run over by a 2002 Mercedes. She was pronounced dead after being taken to Woodhull Hospital.

The driver of the Benz, an unidentified 34-year-old woman, stayed at the scene after the collision and isn’t expected to face charges.

Abbott, a dancer with an MFA from SUNY Purchase, lived nearby. One her neighbors told the Daily News that “he often ran into Abbott walking her dog, Banjo.”


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  • I live right across the street from where this tragic accident occurred. My thoughts are with Erica’s family and friends, as well Erica herself. The pile of wood and debris that the writer references has been placed there by the company developing the lot in front of the street, where this happened. Presumably to save parking spaces for their trucks and construction equipment.

  • Thank you for the truth! This was NOT A CONSTRUCTION SITE. The construction site was behind the sidewalk and hidden with tall chainlink fenching and boards.
    The two large heavy railroad ties with fencing,2x4s and a orange cone nailed to back of the railroad ties where in the road to reserve parking spots. One of these blew into the bike path on the road after the Hurricane winds Sunday. The construction company and city were notified and failed to remove the barrier out of the bike path lane. Erica Abbot riding on Tuesday night hit the barrier laying in front of her causing her to be thrown into traffic. A very tragic scene and lost of life. All preventable. My hearts goes out to their entire family.