Andrew Bird Readies New Album for Early Next Year

08/19/2011 2:50 PM |


Here’s a lovely thought amidst this week’s news of stage collapses and the Gallagher brothers being extra obnoxious: There’s a new Andrew Bird album on the way. In an interview with Denver’s Backbeat he reveals, “It’s almost in the can and ready to go. It’ll be out early next year.” There has been a nice collection of live videos gathering on YouTube since the release of his last album, the somewhat snoozy Noble Beast two years ago, of Mr. Bird previewing new songs. Things these days seem to be leaning towards melancholic and swirling, with his trademark violin, looping and whistling still very much present. Everything this guy does, whether sad or happy, manages to sound so remarkably pleasant, while still carrying a certain weight, you know?

So, Andrew, can I interest you in Northside 2012?

[via TwentyFourBit]