Anne Hathaway is Better at Doing Lil’ Wayne Than Lil’ Wayne is at Doing Lil’ Wayne

08/18/2011 4:02 PM |

This is almost two days old, which, yes, might as well be a fossil in the hype-speed universe that is online news, but it would be criminal to let this slip past your attention. Anne Hathaway appeared on Conan on Tuesday night, where she performed a Lil’ Wayne style rap she had written about paparazzi.

This should pretty much solidify Hathaway as a nominee for playing Patti Smith in the upcoming Just Kids memoir-movie, right? In all seriousness, girl has serious vocal power and stage presence. Her rhymes? Also tight. It’s difficult to make things work with “paparazzi.” And yet, Lil’ Hathaway (okay, that needs something snappier) is on it: “Don’t act so hotsy-totsy, bitch. I know that you’re from Jersey!

Enough words. Enjoy!

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