Beautiful New War On Drugs Video, Stream the Album While You’re at It

08/03/2011 2:38 PM |

Damn you, Urban Outfitters, for this exclusive content. It’s bad enough that you lured me in that one time with that overpriced summer dress I thought only existed in my wildest, romantic urban fantasies, but I guess I will just have to put aside my hipster-y materialist self-loathing (is it so terrible that I, too, just want to look like I stepped out of a prize-winning mumblecore film?) to admit that the new, Urban Outfitters-produced music video for Philadelphia’s The War on Drugs is beautiful.

Inspired by New Zealand artist Len Lye, “Come to the City” was shot on film in a field on the outskirts of L.A., a place director Peter Brant told Urban Outfitters gave him a sense of cinematic, impending doom. Of course, the music, from the reliably excellent War on Drugs, makes it. Frontman Adam Granduciel told Urban Outfitters that their new, second full-length album, Slave Ambient, which comes out August 16, has been four years in the making, and he’s described it as a particularly personal collection of moments. You can listen for yourself and stream Slave Ambient here.