“Best of Brooklyn” Appendix B, Best Band Side Project That Sounds Like Wavves and Might Be a Joke

08/05/2011 9:48 AM |


Their bio reads, “Wavepool Abortion is a new and exciting proto-pop-punk band featuring Pyotr Reznikov (guitar/vocals) and Matvei Solovyov (guitar/vocals/drums), based in Moscow, Russia,” so that’s the first tip-off that Peter Rynsky and Matt Soloman of L Mag-preferred local band Darlings, are not taking this thing too seriously, if even at all. “‘When I heard The Ramones and things, I was like, wow,’ says Solovyov,” it continues. “‘I take my guitar and Pyotr and we made this song so fast.” That last part is true at least. The album starts off sounding pretty much identical to rat-tail-era Wavves with barely audible melodies clawing through marginally disgusting amounts of feedback and noise. “”We sing in English because we like the Beatles,’ Reznikov says.” Again, probably true. If you skip down to track 10 or 11, things start to get much more poppy, in that bleary, jaded sort of way that only the cool kids can make. According to Darlings’ blog, the album (cassette, technically) should be out this month on DZ Tapes; if DZ Tapes is a thing that actually exists or just part of the gag, I’m not sure, but for now you can listen after the jump or over on their Bandcamp page. And there you have it: our pick for the best Brooklyn-band side project who might actually just be one big joke, or at least a little bit of a joke.