Collapsing Building Forces Williamsburg’s Motorino to Close for Good

08/02/2011 9:46 AM |


  • Kent Wang, Flickr, CC

Sad, sad news, pizza fans. Mathieu Palombino’s wildly popular Williamsburg pizzeria Motorino is officially shut down for good. Its building on Graham Avenue was condemned by the Department of Buildings because it was sinking into the ground. This isn’t a huge surprise to people in the neighborhood; green scaffolding has been outside of the building for months now and rumors have been going around for awhile that it was sinking. Still, it’s pretty sad. Motorino was the first quality Neapolitan pizza place in the neighborhood, blazing the way for other great places like Paulie Gee’s and the new Forcella.

Eater reports that Palombino is none too happy about the situation, stating:

“I’m sadly reporting that the Department of Building has shut down Motorino in Brooklyn. The stupidity of our landlord is a force we were not able to overcome.”

Luckily you can still visit the Motorino in the East Village, plus Palombino is still planning to open another restaurant on the Bowery. Lets hope that he eventually resettles in Brooklyn.

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  • This is a block away from me, and this is the worst. On Monday night I impulsively ordered and ate a whole heirloom tomato pizza, and felt kind of gross about it. Now I realize it was a psychic premonition.