Damien Hirst to Connect His Dot Paintings Around the World

08/08/2011 3:21 PM |

Silhouette marvels at some Damien Hirst dots.

  • Silhouette marvels at some Damien Hirst dots.

Last time we came across Damien Hirst‘s dot paintings they were in a Sutton Place penthouse’s rooftop art gallery, but early next year 300 of his spot compositions will go on view simultaneously at every Gagosian Gallery location in the world.

The Times‘ Carol Vogel reports that on an undetermined date in mid-January 2012, all 11 Gagosian galleries—including the three in New York—will simultaneously hold openings for Damien Hirst: The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011, a global exhibition that will run through February. Many of the 300 or so works on view will be loaned from public and private collections, with fewer than half of the dot paintings available for purchase.

In a bit of characteristic, Hirstian boosterism, Larry Gagosian tells the Times:

We rarely even send a show to a second space and have never done anything like this before… But for a whole generation of collectors who might not know Mondrian canvases or Ellsworth Kelly’s early color charts, the ‘Spot’ paintings are an introduction to abstraction. They’ve become an iconic image of an age.

Uh, sure. They have proved very successful at auction, though, fetching anywhere between $100,000 and $1.7 million. That price will likely be surpassed by Hirst’s next “Spot” painting, which will feature one million dots and has already been worked on for a year and a half by four assistants. The British art superstar estimates that, at this rate, that piece will be ready for the auction block in about nine years.


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  • How does Gagosian really think that young collectors have never seen a Mondrian or Kelly or at least thought about these artists in terms of abstraction?

    Also, love the line “Hirstian boosterism.”