Deerhunter’s in Town, Let’s Watch This Enlightened Interview With Bradford Cox From Two Years Ago

08/22/2011 4:37 PM |

Bradford Cox is back in town, this time with the morphing noise-prog-psych composite Deerhunter, for a two-night stint at Webster Hall tonight and tomorrow. It serves as a perfect excuse to watch this interview London-based did with him two years ago while lounging in his hotel room at the Primavera Sound festival. Among numerous highlights pegging him as an endearing outcast type, including a demonstration of the hotel’s automated window treatments and a made-up story about the band’s name, is a part where he discusses the rare experience of playing to 10,000 people who seem be on the same wavelength as him. “It felt like everyone was on our side,” he says of their performance that night, getting straight to the heart of why most of us ever got into this whole indie rock thing to begin with, whether playing it or being a fan of it. Seeing him talk about how anxious he gets to please the audience while performing should be enough to prompt hasty scanning on Craigslist for tickets to tonight’s show or act fast on what’s left for tomorrow.

And since I have you here, the pathetic jokes about his weight are still not funny. Can we put an end to those, please?