Ex-Cons Might Be Coming to DUMBO

08/09/2011 8:58 AM |


Some DUMBO residents are worried that a proposed NYPD facility could bring an unsafe element into the neighborhood. The department plans to move its Brooklyn property office, currently located on Gold Street in Downtown Brooklyn, to a space on Front Street, DUMBO NYC reports. The property office handles “all property coming into the custody of the New York City Police Department,” including prisoner’s property, making the office a first stop for those being released from jail. The office would be underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, across from the planned site of a new middle school.

“The last thing anyone needs are criminals fresh out of jail walking around a family based area looking for potential opportunities,” writes one commenter. “This does not mean everyone out of jail will want to commit crimes, it is common knowledge that a percentage of criminals are repeat offenders.” I don’t believe, however, that it’s common knowledge that the first thing criminals do upon release from prison is commit another crime. I would imagine the fresh prison-experience works as a deterrent.

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