Sony Warehouse Fire During London Riots May Have Been Orchestrated by Professional Thieves

08/31/2011 1:06 PM |


The fire that destroyed a Sony distribution warehouse storing three million CDs from pretty much every independent label imaginable, in addition to tens of thousands of film DVDs, during the London riots in early August may have been a “professional heist,” the Telegraph reports. While gangs of looters were seen helping themselves to the merchandise once the building went up in flames, new evidence suggests that a pack of robbers intentionally planned the fire, using the riots as a cover to blend in among the chaos. According to the Telegraph:

Sources in the security industry disclosed that intruders first arrived wielding specialist cutting equipment and spent up to two hours dismantling a high-security fence before breaking in.

It is claimed that they then summoned a fleet of vans and drove inside the premises, which are set back from the main focus of rioting in the area, before beginning to load up stock.

According to one source, security guards on site were effectively overwhelmed and unable to fend off the intruders, knowing that police were already stretched as anarchy gripped the capital.

After loading up with stolen goods, the robbers are then said to have invited other gangs in to continue the looting in an attempt to cover their tracks.

Further evidence comes way of an employee at a nearby hotel who was allegedly attacked by a band of about 20 looters “loaded by stolen goods” before the fire even started. As of now, five males ranging from ages 17 to 23 have been arrested for looting and arson, though they were released on bail until further questioning. Sony, meanwhile, has established a new distribution site in the eastern England region of Hertfordshire. Makes you want to go out and buy a few CDs, don’t it? Yes, it should.