Has Jelly’s Floyd Bennett Concert Series Gone Bust?

08/01/2011 2:04 PM |

Artists recreation of the crowds at a recent concert

  • Artist’s recreation of the crowds at a recent concert

The pool parties ended, and now so might the beach parties. After five tumultuous years of partnership, the Open Space Alliance and concert-promoter Jelly NYC parted ways for this summer: OSA would continue to organize concerts on the Williamsburg waterfront, while Jelly would find a new space for its own. The promoter chose Floyd Bennett Field, the former airport-turned-national recreation area at the end of Flatbush Avenue, near the Marine Parkway Bridge that takes you to Riis Park and Fort Tilden. But the free shows, on what the promoter dubbed “Rock Beach,” have so far failed to attract a significant audience, the Brooklyn Paper reports, and Jelly may now be scrambling to find a space closer to its core-audience’s north Brooklyn nexus.

Though admission to Rock Beach has been free, Jelly charged $20 for a bus ride from Williamsburg; the bands have been obscure—the opening night line-up featured Penguin Prison, Wild Yaks, Janka Nabay and The Bubu Gang and Monogold—and public transit options inconvenient. “You have to take the 2 train all the way to the end!” snickered a commenter at Sheesphead Bites. “Then get on a bus! For a while!”

All conspired against large turnouts, and at the last concert, on July 24, roughly 150 people came to a space large enough to accommodate 8,000. And so Jelly is considering moving the concerts “closer to home,” the Brooklyn Paper reports.


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  • Not surprised. Floyd Bennett might as well be on Mars.

    That said, I got nothing but love for Jelly. Hope they can work something else out. How many free rock shows has OSA delivered on the waterfront this year? Not a single one. Certainly not what they were saying last year. Somebody call Schumer.