Hear a Taste of North Highlands’ New Album, Wild One

08/12/2011 12:22 PM |


We talk about these guys an awful lot, we know, but it’s difficult not to when their Sugar Lips EP hit on so many things we love about music. It’s warm and comforting, showcasing their obvious technical chops, but not letting that get in the way of emotion. Brenda Malvini proves her ability to connect with an audience — when she sings, “If I could kiss you all day long, surely I would / ‘Cause you’re the only thing in my life that’s tasting good,” you’re not going anywhere. And then they went ahead and released an all-out endearing music video and consistently play shows with unexpected amounts of energy given how at east they sound on record. In short, North Highlands stands out. Now that we cleared that up, take a listen to “Benefits,” a track from their debut LP, Wild One, due out next month. Things sound tighter, leaner, embedded deeper in post-punk (hear those prickly guitars?) without losing the band’s homespun charm. And there’s Malvini, front and center, with a honeyed drawl that you swear couldn’t have come from Brooklyn.

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