Hey, That Wild Flag Album is Streaming!

08/29/2011 1:25 PM |

Wild Flag.

  • Wild Flag.

In non-post-partum-VMA-related music news, check this out: Wild Flag, the Sleater-Kinney and Helium “first all-female supergroup” made up of Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney), Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney), Mary Timony (Helium), and Rebecca Cole (The Minders), has their self-titled debut album streaming over at NPR, Brownstein’s former blogging stomping grounds. You can definitely tell the difference between Brownstein’s blustery vocal style and Timony’s more subdued and understated singing, but the contrast holds itself up with a ballast of strong, poppy riffs, trippy female harmonies and jammy, classic rock guitar interludes. Listen here.