L Mag TV: Launching a New Music Video Series, with Brooklyn’s Widowspeak

08/01/2011 9:48 AM |


Blaring trumpets! Vuvuzelas! Kazoos and clunking coconut-halves! We’ve got big news. The L Magazine is launching a new video series, filmed right here in our own lovingly cluttered Dumbo office.

Think what Hoarders might be like if they invited bands to come to people’s houses instead of professional organizers and mental health specialists. Bands come in and play for us while we film them, feed them beer and ask them alternatingly penetrating, thoughtful and stupid questions. Last week, locals Widowspeak came in and performed. Singer Molly Hamilton, guitarist Robert Thomas and drummer Michael Stasiak have been told they sound like an array of ’90s bands (some of whom they’ve never listened to), but they joke that they’re “beachy glo-fi,” “dreamy ’50s,” and that even grandmas could like it. We would describe them as sounding a bit like a grunge lullaby, or maybe the perfect slow-song music for a Halloween-themed sock hop. The band’s first self-titled album comes out Aug. 9 on Captured Tracks with a release show tomorrow at Glasslands to celebrate, and in September they go on tour with The Vivian Girls.

So here it is: Widowspeak performing “Gun Shy” and “Harsh Realm” after the jump. Stay tuned for more bands, more in-office shows, and more b-roll of the various wooden geese scattered amongst our desks. Oh, and be sure to watch the Youtube video in 1080p, because a) you can and b) everything is just so pretty when it’s in high-def. Ladies and gentlemen, The L Mag presents…Widowspeak!