Listen: The First Track From Jeff Tweedy and His Sons’ New Band, The Raccoonists

08/08/2011 2:34 PM |

My dad is cooler than your dad. (Jeff and Spencer Tweedy).

  • My dad is cooler than your dad. (Jeff and Spencer Tweedy).

I wonder what it’s like to suffer from Coolest Dad in the Indie Rock Universe syndrome. Clearly, Spencer and Sam Tweedy are handling it well, as they just released a B-side track on a split 7″ with Deerhoof as The Raccoonists, a band comprised of Sam, Spencer and, of course, their dad, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. The track is called “Own It,” and if it sounds lo-fi it’s because it was recorded in Sam and Spencer’s bedroom, which they share. Watch the music video for the track after the jump, then maybe spend your morning fantasizing about what it would be like if you weren’t past the age of legal adoption by indie-rock god parents. Probably not too different from the average American adolescence—it’s just that your father vs. son dunk booth competitions would take place onstage at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, and not at a high school field day.

[via Pitchfork and Polyvinyl]