Listen to a Kurt Vile Song from a Split 7″ with Woods

08/22/2011 11:30 AM |


I really like knowing we live in a world where a split 7” between Woods and Kurt Vile exists (beards, hair, appreciation for the 1960s). As of now the record is only available on Vile’s tour, which finds him playing a handful of European dates with Woods early next month before swinging back to the States for some higher profile shows, including a well-deserved headlining gig at Webster Hall on November 11. Put a few bucks in your piggy bank to buy it then because the single, Vile’s “In/Out Blues,” would fit right in with his very, very good Square Shells EP in its understated and direct approach. There’s a ticking, almost nagging guitar strum that drives the melancholy home; it lets little else get in the way, save for his hushed vocals and a bit of guitar work three-quarters of the way through. Listen here, and then let me know if you figure out a way to embed it…