Lollapalooza 2011: A Curated Trip Through YouTube

08/08/2011 4:01 PM |


New York music festivals may have taken a few blows this weekend, the first being Music to Know‘s announcement that they are pulling the plug on next week’s festival because of low ticket sales and then the Escape to New York Festival calling off yesterday’s events after a downpour caused damage to the grounds (and after offering MTK ticket-holders free admission for the day), but Lollapalooza soldiered on, as it’s done for 20 years now (minus the summer of 2004, but we’ll let that slide that for now). The Black Lips were nationally trending on Twitter, Foo Fighters played a gazillion-hour set at a pre-Lolla club show, and mud people paid respect to the festivals of yore. Let’s watch.

Mud, cargo shorts, America:

Here’s that one band playing that one song:

Dave Grohl “taking it to the next level,” which calls for a lot of hair flopping:

Foo Fighter’s final song to close out 20 years of Lollapalooza; fitting it came from these guys when you think about it in the historical sense:

It rained fire:

Em’s tribute to Nate Dogg:

The young:

The no-longer young:

The mighty:

The epic:

The loud:

My boyfriend or whatever, and a return of his anxious, confessional, cathartic self:

And now a special treat: a look back at Lollapalooza’s first incarnation in 1991, when it was just an alt-nation traveling caravan with big hopes:
Lollapalooza 1991 from Lollapalooza on Vimeo.