Mandatory Sex Ed Coming to NYC Schools

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08/10/2011 2:33 PM |

Somewhere, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the Condom Queen, is smiling.

  • Somewhere, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the Condom Queen, is smiling.

NYC public schools have long mandated health classes and HIV awareness for middle and high school students, but sex education has been at the discretion of individual schools (an effort to establish a citywide curriculum failed in the 80s; not quite two thirds of middle schools have a program). But starting this school year, the Times reports, NYC will join the 20 US states which mandate sex ed (our country is still so fucked), requiring classes covering “anatomy, puberty, pregnancy and the risks of unprotected sex,” along with instruction in birth control methods, for sixth or seventh graders and again for ninth and tenth graders (the religious kids will have to bring in a note from their parents and sit in the hall, presumably).

“The classes,” the Times speculates:

would include a mix of lectures, perhaps using statistics to show that while middle school students might brag about having sex, not many of them actually do; group discussions about, for example, why teenagers are often resistant to condoms; and role-playing exercises that might include techniques to fend off unwanted advances.

And perhaps some teachers, the really cool teachers, will break their classes up into teams and have them run in the Condom Relay, where the boys have to spring across the room to where a female teammate is holding a banana, tear open a condom and roll it (not inside out!) over the banana, run back, roll it off, tie it up, repeat.