MTV’s VMAs Have No Host, Maybe by Mistake

08/26/2011 2:15 PM |


On Tuesday, Billboard ran an interview with Amy Doyle, executive producer of the 28th annual Video Music Awards set to air Sunday, in which writer Phil Gallo posed the question, “Usually you have a host helping to promote the show. Is there a possibility there is no host?” Welllll…

“It’s going down to the wire,” she said. (“Duh,” I said.) “Hosting is such a unique element. We feel we got it right by putting new talent on the stage like Chelsea [Handler] and Russell [Brand]. We’re really challenging ourselves to find the right person so that the show feels complete,” she responded. But later, Billboard updated the post with an editor’s note clarifying that since the interview took place, MTV decided to go with no host.

Yesterday, Gallo posted another piece, this one discussing if the no-host approach is intentional or just because nothing came together in time, and whether or not this year’s slated performers and nominees will be strong enough to continue VMA’s run of drawing in more than 10-million viewers. According to Gallo, “Clearly, the no-host idea is Plan B. Insiders have said discussions with potential hosts did take place, though no one is saying whether any talent rejected MTV’s offer.” He mentions what seems to be sure-bet draws during the telecast — Lady Gaga performing at the top of the show and a tribute to Ms. B. Spears (which may or may not include a rumored performance by her) — but points out, “Once the show moves past Weezy, Adele and Young [the Giant] rock band, musical originality takes a big dip in both the acts announced and the nominees – this is a dance pop celebration, not a variety show.” Hey, MTV, if you take a look around Williamsburg, I bet you could find a girl who looks like Daria to do it.

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