New Yorkers Say Cabbies Are Streets’ Most Disrespectful Users

08/10/2011 3:32 PM |

Evil cabs cleverly disguised as potted plants.

  • Evil cabs cleverly disguised as potted plants.

Cab drivers still put the fear of God in everyone, though bicyclists may be turning into cabs with spokes and little bells, according to the same new Marist College/NY1 poll (PDF) that found New Yorkers overwhelmingly support bike lanes. 78 percent of New Yorkers polled said that cabs are not respectful when sharing the road, an overwhelming majority that validates the old Russian proverb, “never change lanes when you see a cab nearby because you will be killed.”

And in second place came bicyclists, viewed by 46 percent of the random sample of 808 as “not respectful.” 48 percent did say they were respectful, reflecting the old divide between an emerging urban bike culture and ever-furious motorists. Most respectful? Buses, netting a 67% in the “respect” category and proving once and for all that MTA buses are the type of people you want your daughter marrying.

Cabbies vowed some face-breaking retribution for the disrespectful poll results, though analysts questioned whether pedicab operators and taxi drivers could stop brawling in the middle of Broadway long enough to unite and break some faces, together.