NYPD Preparing for London Riots to Cross the Pond

08/16/2011 9:45 AM |

NYPD officers participating in riot drills on Randalls Island.

  • NYPD officers participating in riot drills on Randall’s Island.

Does the thought of rioting on the scale of that taking place in London and other English cities in recent weeks occurring in Brooklyn keep you up at night? Looting on the Fulton Mall, MTA buses set ablaze, makeshift barriers assembled from alt weekly boxes such as our own—guaranteed rubber bullet-proof, btw—that sort of thing? Well don’t worry, the NYPD is on the case, training for a widespread rioting scenario.

Metro reports that last week the NYPD Disorder Control Unit conducted a “mobilization exercise” on Randall’s Island. The drill involved some 180 officers from every borough’s DCU task force, complete with equestrian and aviation units for that full-on urban apocalypse feel.

Sinisterly, Metro notes that this tactical training

comes the same week the NYPD has stepped up its monitoring of social media, used to organize mayhem across England and also to coordinate teen mobs in Philadelphia.

So just remember, if you’re in the street or using social media, you’re probably doing something illegal—and if you’re tweeting while walking down the street you’re in big, big trouble.