People Google “Lyrics” Almost as Much as They Do “Sex”

08/22/2011 8:58 AM |


In case you had an uneventful weekend, here’s something to share with co-workers around the water cooler this morning to earn you impressed looks: Terms containing the word “sex” and those containing the word “lyrics” are searched for roughly the same amount on Google, reports. In fact, “sex” just edged out “lyrics” for the first time in six years, perhaps because we, the world, no longer need to look up that Men at Work song. We finally figured out it’s “gave me a vegemite sandwich,” not “gave me a bite of his sandwich,” and now can use that extra free time to Google sexy things on the Internet instead. This is the type of fun stuff scientists can learn from Google logs. even made a nifty graph comparing the frequency the two words were searched since 2004. What does it all mean in the larger picture, other than people must’ve been really bored in 2006? No idea.


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