Post Insists Brooklyn Will Always Be Inferior to Manhattan

08/03/2011 3:30 PM |

Peyser with one of her sources

  • Peyser with one of her sources

In a new column, the Post‘s possibly mentally ill writer Andrea Peyser declares that “Brooklyn is for losers” because, no matter “how hard it tries,” some people like to live in Manhattan. She cites as evidence that “Brooklyn visitor Heath Ledger chose to die in Manhattan.” (Stay classy, Andrea.) “There is a sense, however crazy, that if you live in Brooklyn, you’ve somehow failed,” one of her cats friends tells her. “The borough can’t shake a deep-seated inferiority complex,” Peyser writes.

It seems more like Peyser who can’t shake it. We went over this recently, when new signage in Brooklyn boasted a Capote quote that smacked of insecurity. Such insecurity is born of Manhattan-centrism, a psychological affliction on the wane. There are lots of places in the world, including other cities, suburban areas, and even rural areas, where people enjoy living—in fact, where they prefer to live. Some people aspire to live in Manhattan, and that’s cool; others enjoy living in Brooklyn. That’s why we’re one of the largest urban areas in the country.

But for Peyser, that’s just because the world is full of people who want to live in Manhattan but can only afford to get as close as Brooklyn and “press their noses against the glass,” as it were. She provides as proof “the second-class status that even the proudest Brooklynite lives with on a daily basis. Just try getting your friends to visit from Manhattan and you’ll know what I mean.” OK! I would, except I don’t have any friends in Manhattan; they all live in Brooklyn, and we’re all perfectly fine with that. If you don’t believe me, just try getting me to visit Manhattan.

[via Fucked in Park Slope]

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