Sad Park Slope Supervillains Vow To Sue Again Over Prospect Park West Bike Lane

08/22/2011 9:47 AM |

Gargamel and his cat Azrael want to get rid of the Prospect Park West bike lane once and for all.

  • Gargamel and his cat Azrael want to get rid of the Prospect Park West bike lane once and for all.

Last week a lawsuit brought against the city’s Department of Transportation over its community-approved Prospect Park West bike lane was dismissed by Brooklyn’s Supreme Court. But the anti-bike lane group won’t let one case’s dismissal keep them from filing another lawsuit seeking the two-way Prospect Park West lane’s removal.

Before the case could proceed to the matter of how safe or unsafe the bike lane that the Department of Transportation installed last year is, the plaintiffs had to prove that the lane was first implemented as a temporary test. If it were a permanent street modification, as it was, their period to prosecute had expired long ago, hence the case was dismissed. But, the Brooklyn Paper reports that “Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes” lawyer Jim Walden has already sent the city a letter expressing the group’s intent to sue again if the lane is not removed.

In response to Department of Transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan’s comment that the just-dismissed suit was “frivolous,” Walden responded with what is either a hilarious typo, or an attack on her taste in interior decoration: “We intend to address the condescension and high-handed manor in which she has dealt with this case.”

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  • Isn’t there something more worthwhile these folks and their lawyers can address? It’s a five foot wide bike lane along one stretch of street, not some waste treatment plant or nuclear reactor being forced upon them.

    Seriously. I don’t get the rage. Having lived all over the country, property values are actually enhanced by things like dedicated bike lanes/transportation variety along an ideal park. Likewise, I’ve never known an upscale community who wants to expand the lanes of a car thoroughfare through their hood. I live near the park and would rather cross two lanes of cars and some bike riders, rather than 3 lanes of vehicles – the typical width of a west coast freeway.

    The only argument I see raised is that bikes and pedestrians are a dangerous mix, but I have to wonder how replacing bikes with another lane of cars is a remedy. The volume of cars is much higher and would only increase if PPW becomes a more attractive (wider) driving route.