See Dinosaur Feathers Tonight, on a Boat, Because It’s Summer

08/11/2011 3:57 PM |

Tonight, local trop-pop trio Dinosaur Feathers will be heading off to sea (not really, just the East River, but it sounds more romantic to say “off to sea”), headlining a show aboard the Half Moon as part of Rocks Off concert cruise series with moody melody and capital-letter enthusiasts SNOWMINE. I just made up the subgenre “trop-pop” — it’s slang for “pop music influenced by that indigenous of the tropics” — but you can go ahead and use it if you want. Word around town is that they’ve been moving away from the glitchy folk and canned drumming of their debut album, as evident in their latest single, streaming above. Here, they skim along a Frankie Valli vocal melody, effortlessly turning it into a three-minute ode to summer. Having come off from recording a batch of songs in Oakland with Beulah’s Eli Crews behind the boards, we can only assume some new ones will be played tonight. Those are going to sound really good with the sea breeze in your face and a drink in your hand, we bet. Boat boards at 7pm at Skyport Marina; tickets are $25 at the door.