Shouldn’t We Expect More from Beyoncé Than this Silly “1+1” Video?

08/26/2011 11:18 AM |

I mentioned this briefly on Twitter last night, and I’m feeling it even more now that I’ve woken up to basically every single media outlet on the internet posting the video for Beyoncé’s absolute monster of a track, “1+1,” all of them failing to point out that the clip is full of laughable sexytime clichés (Water pouring over open mouth! Ice cubes! Lips pressed against glass!) and artlessly employed, similarly cliché-ridden “psychedelic” visual effects, which take away from the actually pretty awesome choreographed dance parts. For a pop-star who is generally, and with good reason, considered to be among the absolute best we have, there should be more people willing to tell her to do better.

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