Stars—They’re Just Like Us! NYC Law and Policy Edition

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08/03/2011 1:01 PM |

They’re Skeptical of Charter Schools and Bloomberg’s Corporate Education Policies!

Matt Damon, whose mother is a prominent early-childhood educator, recently appeared at the Save Our Schools rally in Washington DC, giving an impassioned speech decrying test-driven education, and discussing the worrying trend of charter school co-location in interviews. And, in a video clip currently making the rounds, he aptly parried a Reason magazine on-camera reporter’s truly venal and idiotic question about incentivizing performance by denying tenure, and delivered a mini-lecture about “MBA-style thinking [which is] the problem with Ed policy right now”. It’s worth watching to the end for both Damon and Ma Damon’s responses when the libertarian cameraman breaks in with some upper-management article of faith about clearing out the deadwood on the factory floor:

For another Star That’s Just Like Us New Yorkers, follow me to that strange and wondrous land After the Jump! (This always looks so weird on the permalink but whatever.)

They Get Taken to Court By Their Landlord for Holding On to Rent-Stabilized UES Apartments For Their Relatives!

Today’s Times has a weirdly invasive article about Faye Dunaway: yesterday, her landlord filed suit to evict her from the one-bedroom Upper East Side walk-up she’s leased from him since 1994. He claims that she lives in California, where she owns a house, and that she mostly keeps the apartment for convenience and for her son. Her current rent is $1,048.72 a month, damn her.

But anyway. Faye Dunaway has a one-bedroom in a walk-up on East 78th between First and Second Avenues (so I guess that’s Yorkville, which is somewhat… unexpected). The Times describes a “six-story yellow brick building with fire escapes in the front,” near Orwasher’s Bakery (308 E 78th) and the Tiny Doll House shop (314 E 78th), a helpful detail in the event you oh just for instance have had a very deep and sincere crush on Faye Dunaway since the age 15. (She is also due to appear in housing court at 2pm on the 11th of the month!)

The Times also reports, for some reason, that Faye Dunaway drives a 2007 Toyota Corolla. (She used to drive a 1934 Ford Fordor Deluxe Sedan, but we all know what happened to that car.)