The Art World’s Next Reality TV Show Will Be Sex and the City in a Gallery

08/23/2011 10:40 AM |

A still from the movie Boogie Woogie, or what the new Bravo show Paint The Town hopes to look like? Both, actually.

  • A still from the movie “Boogie Woogie,” or what the new Bravo show “Paint The Town” hopes to look like? Both, actually.

Bravo just finished filming its second season of the wildly successful and controversially Brooklyn Museum-supported reality television show, The Work of Art, but the network’s still looking for its last cast member in a new art world reality series set to launch when the New York gallery world awakes from its summer slumber early next month. Tentatively titled “Paint the Town”—and originally titled “Gallery Girls,” presumably because “Chelsea Girls” was already taken—the show needs “a gifted and vivacious trailblazer with a tell-it-like-it-is attitude” as its sixth subject.

In its final casting call the production company Magical Elves—which is also responsible for Work of Art, Project Runway and others—is looking to round out its roster of six young women in their 20s working entry-level art gallery jobs. Art in America quotes an email describing the ideal candidate:

This gallery girl will inspire others with her wit and charm, but she should also be sly-as-a-fox when it comes to the politics of New York City’s art gallery world. Above all else, her love for NYC should be unwavering as she strives to find her place in the art world.

Meanwhile Bravo expects these underpaid workers to live “a chic, fashionable, art-filled existence,” and offer exceptional accounts of “the stress of their demanding bosses.” Sounds interesting, in a creepy, voyeuristic sort of way—here’s hoping one contestant works at Gagosian.

Hopefully next season Bravo and Magical Elves will compliment this all-female art world workers series with a television version of Shane Caffrey‘s Art Handling Olympics.

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  • I know one of the cast members from Miami, Amy Poliakoff. The only art Poliakoff will sell will be to either friends of her father

  • You cannot be from NYC if you are not a native. Period. These girls are nothing but poseurs from hick towns. Real New Yorkers don’t watch Sex and the City and dream of living in NYC someday. Go home! Get out of the neighborhood!!!!