The Screaming Females Are Serious, Surrealist Punk Doodlers

08/29/2011 2:57 PM |


Remember those end credits for episodes of Daria, where the heads of characters would be superimposed onto different bodies—astronauts, samurai, cheerleaders and the rest? If that was secretly your favorite part, it’s time to freak out with delight over these doodles set to Screaming Females songs from the DoodleDrag project, lead singer Marissa Paternoster and street artist friend LNY‘s collaborative, communal art event series.

DoodleDrag seems like a house party, 3rd Ward art class and punk show smushed into one beautiful hybrid of creative productivity. Paternoster and LNY started organizing mass doodling events/hangout sessions in Philly, Jersey and New York earlier this year, assigning them different themes, the last of which was creating doodles, some animated, for 12 Screaming Females songs from albums Power Move and Castle Talk (video after the jump).

“I’m just really keen on the idea of art being accessible to everyone,” Paternoster told REDEFINE Magazine in April. “I’m also keen on the idea of art getting in your face and impeding on your personal space.”

In the same interview, LNY added, “Doodling is too punk to handle.”

So check out the rest of the strange and wonderful fruits of DoodleDrag and the Screaming Females’ labors (like the one set to “Mothership” below) over at Impose Magazine. Hopefully they’ll rejuvenate the part your brain that was deadened by watching the VMA’s last night.

[via Impose]