Village’s Center for Architecture To Expand

08/01/2011 8:59 AM |

The Center for Architectures current location at 536 LaGuardia Place.

  • The Center for Architecture’s current location at 536 LaGuardia Place.

Greenwich Village’s Center for Architecture—whose current exhibition of futuristic plans for New York and Amsterdam circa 2040 is fascinating—is the largest of only a handful of art spaces in the city entirely devoted to exploring the role of contemporary architecture, and they’ll be getting even bigger soon. Last week Architects Newspaper reported that the Center will be taking over a space adjacent to their location at 536 LaGuardia Place.

The new space one door to the south at 532 LaGuardia amounts to about one tenth of the current Center on the ground floor, in the basement, and a tiny back patio that the Horticulture Society of New York will be invited to transform.

The American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, which has run the Center for Architecture since it opened at 536 LaGuardia in 2003, signed a lease on the space last week and takes possession today. Their exact plans for the space are unclear, but AIANY executive director Rick Bell tells Architects Newspaper: ” We’ll benefit from the best design advice in the city.”