What the? Jack White to Release Insane Clown Posse Covering Mozart on Vinyl

08/31/2011 1:53 PM |

Is this another one of those things where Jack White already has everything he could ever want, so he decides to do something completely wacky just to save himself from boredom and anomie? Pitchfork has reported that Jack White and his label, Third Man Records, will unleash “Leck Mich Im Arsch” (translating to “Lick Me in the Ass”) unto the world, a 7″ single that features Shaggy and Violent J rapping about ass cracks over Mozart melodies and female choral arrangements. How JEFF the Brotherhood got involved doing the grunge guitar thing underneath it all also remains a fucking mystery.

You can listen to it here. Then you can laugh hysterically before slumping over your keyboard and rubbing your tear-stained face over the keys, asking, “Why? Why?! WHY?” like I did. What is it, Jack? Drugs? Is it drugs? There is nothing more to say.