Your Messed Up Weekend: MTA to Shut Down Service Starting at Noon on Saturday

08/26/2011 3:32 PM |

Hi, my name is Irene. Im super crazy, also a tad creepy.
  • Hi, my name is Irene. I’m super crazy, also a tad creepy.

Do you have plans to see Crazy, Stupid, Love for the third time this weekend? Me too. Better plan on catching the early-bird showing tomorrow or risk being stranded forever and ever in a movie theater, which would be kind of fun if you really love Junior Mints and waiting in line to use the bathroom, but would probably get old after a while. Look here. The MTA will be shutting down all subway and bus routes starting at noon tomorrow on account of you-know-who. According to the Times, wind calculations suggest that subway trains running above ground would be in danger if service endured during the storm.

Plan accordingly and be safe this weekend. I just downloaded this awesome free flashlight app for my phone, so I should be fine. Hope you guys are too! And you also, L Mag distribution boxes! You guys hang in there!

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  • :-/ you might want to go pick up a flashlight. if you need it you’re not going to want to use your precious iPhone battery for it. Avoid the inconvenience!