Afternoon Shooting at the McDonald’s Near Brooklyn College

09/30/2011 11:26 AM |


A man was shot in broad daylight in front of the McDonald’s between Brooklyn College and the closest subway station, the Post reports. Surveillance video from Tuesday shows a man outside the fast food chain at the junction of Flatbush and Nostrand hand off a .32 caliber gun to the shooter, who then fires on the victim, 18-year-old Tyquan Sewall, multiple times. Sewall rolls into the middle of traffic and all the way across the street as pedestrians scatter. Though aiming at Sewall’s head at point blank range, the gunman missed; several follow-up shots hit Sewall’s body, but he survived and is in critical condition at Kings County Hospital.

The McDonald’s draws a mixed crowd of locals and students. Years ago, I often got coffee there before morning classes.

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