Announcing the Music Now Summit

09/28/2011 11:20 AM |


I’m legitimately very excited to tell you about a new event we’ve been busily planning these past few weeks, one that is very much dear to my own heart: The MusicNOW Summit presented by AT&T, set to take place next Wednesday, October 5, at The Knitting Factory, is an evening of presentations and conversations between a handful of highly esteemed members of the music community. What’s the point, though?

Well, here’s the idea: Technology has, to say the least, had considerable impact on the way we live our lives and do our jobs, and this is nowhere more evident than in the music industry. Countless old business models have been thwarted, people have been put out of jobs, and so many of the rituals that once defined the act of music fandom have become obsolete. But the flip side of this, of course, is that all this uncertainty called a lot of people, some very smart people, to action, as the industry as a whole works ceaselessly to figure out how to react to changes that have already taken place, while simultaneously trying to predict where things are going. This drive has created some incredibly exciting developments, as well as some unique challenges. Trying to keep up with everything can seem like a fool’s errand—it’s exhausting and never-ending. So we’ve simply decided to hole up at the Knitting Factory for a few hours to take a breather and sort of take stock of where we are right now.

There will be free beer, courtesy of Six Point, so that will certainly make all of this stuff easier to talk about. And there will be performances, courtesy of local indie-pop upstarts Friends and the reliably awesome scene veteran Ted Leo. There will be a special video presentation by Shirley Braha, creator of the storied New York Noise and the new MTV Hive series Weird Vibes, about this history and impact of the music video. And finally, for the evening’s main event, there will be a panel discussion, moderated by yours truly, and featuring these good, smart people:

Matthew Perpetua, Writer (Fluxblog, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone)
Amanda Petrusich, Writer (The New York Times, Spin, Pitchfork)
Lio Kanine, Owner of Kanine Records
Ken Weinstein, Publicist (Big Hassle PR)
Ted Leo, Artist
Vince Bannon from Getty Music Licensing
Brian Felt from BMF Media
David Haynes from Soundcloud

It should be a fun and perhaps drunk evening, at the end of which we hope to have a slightly better feel for whether any of us will have jobs in a couple years. Space is very limited, so visit the event’s site to find out how you can join us.