Best Part of Botanic Garden Seriously Damaged by Irene

09/22/2011 10:41 AM |

Time traveling to an imagined idyllic past

  • Time traveling to an imagined idyllic past

Since the wind and rain of Rainstorm Irene hit New York City, the Native Flora Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has been closed. The prettiest part of the park, which offers a glimpse of what Brooklyn might have looked like before it was covered in steel and cement, suffered extensive damage from the storm, the Prospect Heights Patch reports.

The garden lost a grove of four 80-year-old American Persimmon trees that fell into the swampy bog. A Sweet-Bay Magnolia was crushed, a 50-year-old Beech tree snapped its top, a 10-foot-tall Sugar Maple split in half, a Red Oak ended up on Flatbush Ave., and the garden suffered additional collateral damage when a beautiful old wrought iron fence was also destroyed by fallen trees.

Thankfully, the garden will reopen soon. Not only that, but the Patch reports that by next year it will grow by two acres.