Broken Social Scene, Now All Gone, Got Their Makeup On, And They’re Not Coming Back?

09/15/2011 1:58 PM |

They could always move to Brooklyn!

Broken Social Scene, does this mean we have to buy plane tickets? It would be great if you could let us know, because those things get even more expensive if you buy them at the last minute.

Frontman Kevin Drew, self-described “Grandpa Indie Rock,” told Pitchfork that the band’s “last show” at San Francisco’s The Fillmore on October 1 (with Stars and Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock) is mostly kind of, sort of, maybe a flexible term.

Pitchfork: You’ve alluded to “last shows” before but, at this point, what does that mean for Broken Social Scene?

Kevin Drew: How many times have I said “last show”? I’ve taken “boy cries wolf” to the next level. Endings have not really been something we’ve been good at, and letting go was always a scary notion for us, especially when so many families are relying on what has become Broken Social Scene and how we’ve made our living.


Drew said that he’d like to use the time off to produce a film by 2013, learn how to cook beef tenderloin and how to perform CPR. Not saying these aren’t worthy goals, but they aren’t Feel Good Lost, You Forgot it in People or Forgiveness Rock Record either.

After 18 long months of touring, I guess it’s fairly understandable. And BSS had some valuable advice for the next generation of indie up-and-comers—simply, “Make it honest and go easy on the drinks.”

In the meantime, especially if you can’t afford those plane tickets, let’s live vicariously through Lauren Beck’s review of their show last week.