Brooklyn Artist Seeks 100,000 58¢ Microdonations to Pay Student Loans

09/13/2011 12:18 PM |

All you need to participate in David Horvitzs Fifty-Eight Cents project.

  • All you need to participate in David Horvitz’s “Fifty-Eight Cents” project.

David Horvitz, a Los Angeles-born, Brooklyn-based artist and recent Bard MFA has over $58,000 of student debt, and he needs your help paying it off. But he’s not doing it with a Kickstarter campaign; he’s turned the endeavor into the collaborative internet-sourced artwork “Fifty-Eight Cents” (2011).

All you need to do to participate is send a fifty-eight cent check to Sallie Mae’s Atlanta P.O. box with Horvitz’s name and account information. If he can get 100,000 people to do this, his student debt will be repaid. In case you’re worried this strategy may not work, Horvitz called the the loaner’s 800 number and provides this transcript of the exchange on his site:

operator: Thank you for calling Sallie Mae, how can I help you today?
me: Hello. I have two questions.
operator: OK, please ask.
me: First, so it’s okay if someone else mails in a payment for me, right?
operator: Yes, just make sure your account number is clearly written on a letter with the check.
me: OK, and any amount can be sent in? I mean, ANY AMOUNT, right?
operator: Yes, you can send in any amount you’d like. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
me: Thank you very much, that’s all I needed to know.
operator: I’m glad I could be of service today, have a wonderful evening.
me: You too, bye.

He’s also keeping tabs of all the payments on Twitter, the most recent check having come through three days ago from someone in Washington. That was check number 36, so there’s still a long way to go before he reaches 100,000. Help him out, it’s art!


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  • What a douchebag. Why not take responsibility for HIS loans and repay them himself. Then again, if this scheme is his idea of art, I doubt he’s making rent by selling any of his “work”. Funny how he doesn’t mind harrassing Sallie Mae now that he has to pay them back, but probably didn’t bother them when they were sending him his money. Hope his contributions end at 36….

  • I can’t imagine living a life where something as humorous as this makes you angry to the point you take the time to make negative comments about someone you don’t even know. David’s art practice are often collaborative interventions like this and he is one of my favourite artists.

  • Wait, why do people go to art school?

  • @Pat Rowan: “What a douchebag.”

    @j: Agreed.

    @hmm: So they can use their crushing student loan debt as the focal point of a brilliant and hilarious collaborative social sculpture art project, of course.

  • What a genius!

  • And this is art?