Brooklyn Cyclists Go Overboard Suggesting Bike-Share Station Locations

09/15/2011 4:19 PM |

Crowd-sourced suggestions for bike-share station locations.

  • Crowd-sourced suggestions for bike-share station locations.

Much the same way that the Department of Transportation lets you suggest locations for new bike racks online, it’s now taking suggestions for the 600 stations where users will be able to pick up and drop off the bicycles for its forthcoming bike-share system. And, not surprisingly, would-be bike-sharers have over-eagerly suggested that bike stations be placed every few dozen feet between Central Park and Prospect Park.

The simple “Suggest Station” map on the New York City Bike Share website lets users place a station suggestion anywhere on the map. So, for instance, over 20 stations have been suggested at different spots in Grand Army Plaza, and someone also suggested one be placed in the middle of Prospect Park Lake.

Other popular station locations include Smith Street, which between Bergen and 3rd streets would have 25 bike stations. One person wants a station a hundred feet off-shore at Coney Island. Other perplexing potential locations include the Verrazano Bridge and Liberty Island. Even Mayor Bloomberg took the station-suggesting map for a spin, recommending a station at Broadway and Warren Street, at City Hall. Make your own suggestions here.


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  • Why are you picking on Brooklyn cyclists? Have you looked at Manhattan? I think one has been suggested for each square inch.