Danish Art Group Creates Replica of JPMorgan’s Executive Bathrooms in LES Restaurant

09/28/2011 8:57 AM |

superflex power toilets lower east side JPMorgan

Last time I mentioned the Copenhagen-based art collective Superflex it was because they’d flooded a restaurant—a McDonald’s—but now they’ve transformed a Greek restaurant on the Lower East Side far more subtly by building inside it a replica of the executive bathrooms at JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Financial District headquarters.

The installation, part of the group’s Power Toilets series, is an unexpected addition to the sleepy Greek diner Olympic Restaurant at the corner of Essex and Delancey streets. The group’s previous Power Toilets installation transposed a replica of the UN Security Council lavatories to a beach pavilion in the Netherlands.

This second iteration of the project was created as part of Creative Time‘s Living As Form exhibition (through October 16), which commissioned nine artists to create new socially engaged installations. As they put it in a press release, the transposed executive toilet is “open and for public use, [and] will not only provide an essential service, but will ask visitors to contemplate the structures of power that become imbued in even the most unassuming architectural spaces.”

superflex power toilets lower east side JPMorgan

(Animal, Eyeteeth; Images courtesy Superflex)