Dumbo’s Shabby Asphalt Dragon Sculpture Slain by Cement

09/21/2011 12:18 PM |

Paula Meijerinks Asphalt Tattoo has been removed.

  • Paula Meijerink’s “Asphalt Tattoo” has been removed.

In June of 2010 a strange shape appeared in the pavement at the intersection of Jay and Prospect streets in DUMBO and was filled in with broken glass. Though cyclists riding towards the Manhattan Bridge on-ramp were dismayed by the threat to their tires, they also had the best view from the bridge onto “Asphalt Tattoo,” a public art piece by Paula Meijerink installed as part of the Department of Transportation’s pARTners program, and paved over this week after a 13 month run—guess it was a temporary tattoo after all.

The piece, a giant dragon similar to those seen in tattoos, was formed from asphalt trenches filled with shiny shards of glass that after a few months of exposure to the elements started to stray from their beds and the whole installation deteriorated very quickly. This lead us to deem it the “Worst Public Sculpture Depicting a Fictional Monster”—a hotly contested category—in our recent Best of Brooklyn issue. Brownstoner reported yesterday that the beast had been slain, but whatever (if anything) takes its place will surely be mightier and more powerful than this sad dragon.

Asphalt Tattoo, before its ink started running.

  • “Asphalt Tattoo,” before its ink started running.