Fire Blazes Through the Opera House in Bushwick (JK, Not Really)

09/19/2011 3:35 PM |


Last night around 6:30, there was a one-alarm kitchen fire at the Opera House Lofts in Bushwick. The FDNY responded with 3 engines and 60 firefighters and had the flame under control within 25 minutes. Luckily, no one was injured and building residents and bystanders got to see a full size mattress, bed spring, etc. chucked out of a shattered forth floor window.

Residents say the building’s fire alarm was being worked on over the last couple of weeks and had been going off erratically. When it sounded this time, neighbors in the hallway yelled, “Get out! It’s a real one, people. It’s a real fire!”

Lesson to be learned: try not to ignore fire alarms when they go off because apparently this shit happens. And this is the shit that happens when this shit happens, in case you slept in:


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  • The fire was in my apartment, #414, and it was not a kitchen fire. It was an electrical fire. My dog was in the apartment, and was lucky to have a fireman rescue him unharmed. My boyfriend and I are homeless now, and lost thousands of dollars of possessions. It wasn’t just some spectacle. Check your sources, and try not to make jokes out of people’s tragedies.