Free Shows Featuring The Hold Steady, DFA 1979, Crystal Castles and More Coming Your Way This Week

09/13/2011 1:51 PM |

Crystal Castles are very excited about their free show.

  • Crystal Castles are very excited about their free show.

Along with the onslaught of grade-A albums released by local bands this week, there’s quite a nice little list of free local shows shaping up. The first comes on Thursday, a RSVP-only Crystal Castles gig beneath the Hudson Hotel at a place called Good Units. To be honest, their obliterated electro-noise has never incited dancing rage within me, but I think I might be alone in that notion, plus, eyeliner is very “in” this season, I just read in a magazine, and it’d probably be a good place to pick up some application tips from frontwoman Alice Glass. It seems like the type of event cast members of Gossip Girl would hang out at too, so there’s obviously a lot going for it. Doors at 9pm, RSVP here, while keeping in mind a RSVP doesn’t guarantee entry (first-come, first-served until the room’s at capacity).

Across the river at art-deco landmark Skylight One Hanson in Brooklyn, everyone’s favorite ironically mega-trendy trendsetters VICE are throwing a bash to celebrate the launch of This was was supposed to feature the U.S. debut of The Weeknd, if you recall, but he canceled ’cause that’s sort of his thing. Instead, Rick Ross, A-Trak and Death From Above 1979 join the bill, alongside Tanlines, The Men, Hanni El Khatib, Anamanaguchi, Total Slacker, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and a half-dozen or so DJs (Nick Zinner, the dudes from the Black Lips, etc.). Notice the special emphasis we put on Unknown Mortal Orchestra — that was on purpose, as I’m listening to their album now and it sounds like Marc Bolan took a stab at making a Beatles record and nailed it. For icing on the cake, UMO leader Ruban Nielson recently told Rolling Stone how he made a concerted effort to transcend his bedroom recorded project into a dynamic live show, which not everyone seems to do in these days of cloistered Internet fame. Doors at 9pm, RSVP here, first-come, first-served, 21+.

Last but not least, your friendly neighborhood blogger BrooklynVegan, in collaboration with Eventbrite, is presenting a free Hold Steady show at Beekman Beer Garden on Saturday, which is perfect, as the word “beer” is right there in the location name. Complimentary tickets will be available here starting at 12:01am on September 15. Doors at 6pm, 21+. Now get out there and enjoy what’s left of this nice weather.