Girls to Make an In-Store Appearance at Other Music, Play Some Songs, Sign Some Stuff

09/08/2011 2:26 PM |


West Village record store Other Music sure is knocking it out of the park with their growing slate of in-store performances scheduled throughout September, if we do say so. Remember when Stephen Malkmus swung by there last month to play a few songs and smirk at us? That was awesome. Now we’ll be treated to a similar scenario when damaged-but-with-a-heart-of-gold frontman Christopher Owens and his company in Girls makes a stop at the store on September 21. You might’ve heard how they have a new album coming out the week before, so maybe you’ll want to pick that up while you’re there and nonchalantly ask Owens to sign it while you die on the inside.

The in-store appearance comes sandwiched between ones by Neon Indian (a DJ set, technically) on the 13th to celebrate the release of his sophomore album, Era Extraña, and Twin Sister on the 26th to mark the release of their Domino debut. The key things to remember here is that each show is in close quarters, all ages, and free, so it would be wise to get there early. Check here for times, directions and all that good stuff. Also? Girls’ show at Bowery on September 23 is sold out, but, as of now, there are tickets still up for grabs for the previous night. Better get grabbing.