Hear Slowdance’s Debut EP Before Seeing Them Tonight at (Le) Poisson Rouge

09/27/2011 2:32 PM |


Tonight, Berlin-based songstress Anika is making a stop at (Le) Poisson Rouge to, hopefully, play a portion of one of last year’s most slept-on debuts, a package of 60s girl-group pop inverted through punk and dub filters. To quote Jeff Klingman, “It ended up sounding like Nico, living happily in the 30th century.” (You’ll want to listen to this.) The mysterious old-worldness of it all pairs well with local openers Slowdance, who released a welcomed debut EP of their own just last week. If Anika is the sonic equivalent of longingly staring out the window, Slowdance’s Light & Color is the cinematic montage that follows, the one that shows the now recharged protagonist flitting around, accomplishing her goals en route to the happily ever after. The four tracks are rife with energy and freshness, helmed by Quay Quinn-Settel’s assertive, buttery vocals sashaying between English and French. The surrounding synths and guitars cushion but don’t suffocate, leaving enough room for the melodies to lure you in — a careful balance that led us to name the band one you need to hear this spring. Plus, we just really like how she says “New York City” in the song “Cake.” Listen to the full EP below, click here for more info on tonight’s show.