Little Scream Does a Sun-Drenched Blogotheque Takeaway Show

09/13/2011 2:43 PM |

Put down the freedom fries. The French are just really, really good at some things, and impromptu music videos produced by Vincent Moon’s La Blogotheque are one of them. In their latest, filmmaker Derrick Belcham met up with Little Scream, the band of newcomer Laurel Sprengelmeyer, whose album The Golden Record might have been both one of the most wrenchingly gorgeous and overlooked releases of 2011.

The band plays “Cannons” and “Boatman” while walking through a sun-drenched park in Toronto, tinkling drumsticks on lampposts and a guitar case, harmonizing and giggling and strum-strumming away. The result is simply sublime, ineffable, magnifique. I wonder if they had to get their human backdrop in the second half of the video, that sweaty dude doing jumping jacks, to sign a release form. Ah, ça ne fait rien. La vie, c’est belle, non?